• Elevator Motor Repair
  • Elevator Cable Repair
  • Elevator Door Alignment
  • Elevator Cabin Lighting Repair

There are Several Different Elevator Repairs important to keep in mind, when Repairing an Elevator, depending on if it is the motor, cables, door alignment or lighting systems.

1) Continual usage of Elevator Lifts is hard work on the elevator motor (wear and tear), and will over time need repairs.

2) Repairing Elevator Cables is another necessity, since the constant tension on the cables over time will begin to be impaired. This is important since the elevator cables hold the passenger cabin up.

3) Realigning or replacing elevator doors is very important because if the doors are not aligned properly, door openings will begin to show, even when moving from floor to floor. As the opening becomes larger, it definitely creates a passenger safety problem.

4) Changing the elevator lights inside the cabin is important even if one light goes out in a multiple bulb system. Proper lighting is very important to elevator passenger safety.

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