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Elevator Repair Public Safety Issue:

We are writing to the public to inform them on a public safety problem that exists on hydraulic elevators with single bottom cylinders in need of elevator repair. In the past, there have been accidents in our industry due to cylinders failing as a result of electrolysis “corrosion”, which have resulted in serious injuries and major liability law suits.

Recently, one of our elevators in an apartment building fell uncontrollably due to the complete bottom of a cylinder blowing out from corrosion. We know the elevator fell at a rapid speed because of the damage to the underside of the elevator. Fortunately there were no passengers riding the elevator when the incident occurred. When I saw the cylinder that we pulled out of the ground, (see first picture below), it was scary to think what potentially may have resulted.

If you have a hydraulic elevator that was installed with a single bottom cylinder, you may have a major liability issue at hand. Inquire with your elevator service company to find out if you are at risk or call Active Elevator and make an appointment to have an elevator expert inform you. These cylinders should be replaced and put in a PVC protective casing. If not, a hydraulic cylinder pressure test should be performed. We hope to see you for your elevator repairs.


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