Action Elevator Service is a proactive service for Los Angelenos, and our emergency service is available 24 hours daily. Often we get questions regarding our elevator service, as to whether monthly service, or any regular service at all is best. First if your elevator(s) are being used very seldomly, then quarterly service could be an option. Our rates are so cost efficient, that we recommend monthly service, and this is how your elevator will function optimally. If your elevator is used more than seldomly, then we really think monthly elevator service should be a priority.

Very important public feedback we often get when elevators have had little or no service, is that when something goes wrong with the elevator, the feeling is that monthly service (or at least quarterly) would have alleviated the cost for new necessary elevator repairs. Some of the comparisons and contrasts between Monthly Elevator Service and Elevator Repair are apparent when it comes to 1) your elevator functioning properly, 2) passenger safety, and 3) cost optimization.

1) For your elevator to function properly, it must be maintained. Invariably elevators not regularly maintained with monthly elevator service will need elevator repairs more costly than monthly service, and the potential of elevator down-time does not help especially when the elevators service multiple floors. With our professional monthly elevator service, your elevators are guaranteed to function properly.

2) It goes without saying that when your elevators do not function properly the risk to the passengers is increased. Another reality is that for multiple floor buildings, some people will be stranded if they cannot walk stairs. A proactive approach with monthly elevator service is really the best, and will abate those dreaded elevator repairs.

3) Cost Optimization is important for a fiscally sound business; who wants to spend more when good strategy saves money. Incorporating business cost optimization for your elevator budget really means avoiding costly elevator repairs. Our monthly elevator service is very competitively priced, and we offer your first month free.

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