Does your elevator make too much noise along with being too rough? For your Active Elevator Service, we provide Elevator Retrofits based on replacing older out dated components with new ones, to assure a better ride. Since better functioning elevators provide a much better efficiency, elevator retrofits provide lower elevator costs to maintain. Our Elevator retrofits (Elevator Modernizations) are always in compliance with code, such as the "Safety Code for Elevators".

The Elevator Retrofits our Company provides also include better elevator security, and listed below are the components modernized in our Elevator Retrofits:

  1. The Controller (Control Panel) of an outdated elevator using worn copper and coal systems will keep breaking down and costing much money to maintain. Active Elevator Service modernizes with electronic controls that can be programmed or customized to your preference.
  2. The Traction and Motor Equipment are incorporated in our Elevator Retrofits. If needing to be replaced but ignored, it can cause lots of emergency issues including hazardous oil leakages.
  3. The Governor provides a security system so that the pulley system and brakes are working, and this is the security needed for passenger safety.
  4. An Earthquake Control System is the elevator component providing elevator earthquake security. Each time an earthquake occurs, (especially for elevator passengers in California), your elevators will stop at the closest floor for passengers to disembark, with the shutting down immediately after.
  5. Fire Detection Systems are an integral part of a functioning elevator. Our elevator retrofits provide fire detection systems that are triggered when an alarm is set within the building where the elevator is located. This elevator upgrade is part of an Elevator Modernization and is needed for passenger safety during a fire. Protecting elevator passengers is a very important necessity.

Quality Assurance is a very important part of our elevator retrofits, and we want all of the elevator upgrades to be functioning properly with the highest efficiency. This regulating period is a customization of the new elevator components, and is including in our pricing for the retrofit. Call us today for a savings on your needed Elevator Retrofit.

We offer complete elevator service: maintenance, monthly service, & every elevator modernization for Apartments, Condominiums, and Small to Large Scale Buildings.