Elevator Modernizations & Retrofitting for Energy Savings

Many Organizations and Companies know one of their largest fiscal impacts is how much is spent on energy. Energy Savings is often thought of as lighting, HVAC, building envelope and building automation as the main ways for savings. An Elevator Modernization Energy Savings is one of the best ways to save on energy costs.

An Elevator Modernization by Active Elevator will definitely impact your elevator modernization energy savings to save on costs. If your building(s) are using old technology (OLD TECHNOLOGY back to 1980's), they have not been modernized and energy use by the elevators is clearly a top energy draw in the building(s). Energy efficiency and therfore cost savings is immediately obtained by Elevator Modernizations.

Our Elevator Modernization Company can retrofit your elevators. The elevator modernization retrofits generally replace older motors and associated drives with newer systems that cut energy use for energy savings in the following two ways:

  • less electricity is used during operation
  • less heat is generated which reduces HVAC demands for the hoistway machine room

For example, Elevator Modernization Retrofit Regenerative Drives improve Energy Efficiency of existing (older) systems an average of 40 percent. Along with regenerative drives, there are several great drive systems available that save on energy costs.

An Elevator Modernization can also be isolated to replacing in-cab lighting for energy efficiency. Active Elevator will retrofit your older incandescent bulbs and illuminated call buttons with money-saving LED units.

The biggest efficiency impacts can occur when elevators are not in use. Elevator lights on for 24 hours a day for more than 30 years definitely is expensive, so automatically shutting down lights and fans can save a lot of energy.

Our Active Elevator Service can perform an elevator modernization energy savings (using a relatively simple retrofit) that HIBERNATES the cab when it's not in use. The system shuts off lighting and fan systems when the elevator is idling. This technology definitely brings down energy use. When a building occupant calls the elevator, the idling cab will restart the light and fan systems.

These Elevator Retrofits can be done within days or weeks, and are perfect for passenger safety and a monthly savings on energy needed to run the elevators.

If a smaller scale elevator modernization cab refurbishment is needed, environmentally safe (green technologies) choices for paneling, carpeting and paint are available at Active Elevator.

We offer complete elevator service: maintenance, monthly service, & every elevator modernization for Apartments, Condominiums, and Small to Large Scale Buildings.