Licensed Elevator Mechanics

Active Elevator mechanics are Certified Licensed Elevator Experts by the State of Califorinia, and they will provide you with an elevator quote for your needed Elevator Service:

  • Elevator Experts for Elevator Safety and Appearance
  • Monthly Oil Lubrication Service for properly functioning elevators
  • ELEVATOR EXPERTS for monthly reliable Elevator Service
  • Load Testing With an elevator expert
  • Replace old elevator components like the elevator controller and elevator cabinet
  • Our certified elevator experts will provide the proper services for All City & State Requirements

For our Elevator Experts and Licensed Mechanics by the State of California, Call Active Elevator Service today at: (818) 701-7213

We offer great prices on elevator repair for Apartments, Condominiums, and Small to Large Scale Buildings. Call us today for your Elevator Repair: (818) 701-7213..